“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” 

- Oscar Wilde

We are doers. We believe that action is the first ingredient in change.

Whether you can donate 20 minutes or two hours of your time every week, we would be over-the-moon to have you on our team. 

If you're going to be in Lagos this Christmas (2018) and would like to volunteer your time with us, that would be highly appreciated. We will need as many people to help pack the food boxes we will be giving to the youths! Feel free to register for the charity below! Your help and support is highly appreciated! Thank you and God bless!


Do you have access to platforms where a lot of Nigerians are? With your help, we can reach more Nigerian youths across the diaspora



Are you a social media influencer with a lot of Nigerian followers? We need influencers to help promote the brand so we can connect with more Nigerian youths around the world!




Do you have a way with words? Did you earn an A+ in public speaking? We need people to organize speaking opportunities across the diaspora. We are seeking YID Volunteer Ambassadors to build communities, manage presentations and encourage others to fundraise and make a difference.



Social Media Guru

If Instagram filters, Twitter hashtags, and Facebook feeds are amongst your everyday lingo, we need you!

Help us share stories and messages of change all over the world through your social media channels.

YID stories are inspiring and destined to be shared — with your help we can spread the word.


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