What is the purpose of my donation?

To help the less privileged youths in Nigeria during Christmas. The importance of giving back and caring for humanity cannot be overemphasized. Majority of our recipients do not have the same life of comfort that we enjoy both now and growing up. 


How many gift bags are being donated?

250 grocery gift bags are going to be donated!


What is included in the gift bags?

The gift bags will include a bag of rice, beans, garri(cassava), milk, hot chocolate (milo), sugar, salt, oil, tomato paste and noodles (indomie)


How much is the cost of each gift bag?

Each gift bag is $25CAD, $19USD, £15, €17, ₦7,000


When will the recipients receive the boxes?

The set disbursement date is December 22nd, 2019


How do I know my donation was properly disbursed?

We will document photos and videos of the event and share lots of behind the scenes on our social media! So be sure to follow us and keep up with the journey!


Will there be transportation for volunteers?

Yes, there will be transportation for volunteers, details will be released closer to our disbursement date!


Will there be security measures?

Yes, there will be security provided, details will be released closer to our disbursement date!


Will this charity event include other sponsors?

There are currently no sponsors (outside the GoFundMe Campaign) for our event but we are actively seeking/open to sponsorship. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us.


How can we contact the coordinators of this event?

We can be reached at all of our social media platforms as well as at our email!