We are an organization established with the purpose of creating a movement to engage, encourage, empower and galvanize Nigerian youths who live in the diaspora and youths who have studied, or been to the diaspora for one reason or the other. The intention of this platform is to encourage more youths to take an active part in leadership, governance and Nigeria's socio-economic and political development. It's directed towards the diaspora mainly because we believe that thanks to God, we have had opportunities to live in countries where broadly speaking “things actually work” and a lot of us regardless of what sectors we belong to have knowledge of what it takes to make Nigeria work. Ultimately, what we want is for all of us to be able to take part in the various leadership positions across Nigeria so we can ‘Help’ achieve the needed change that Nigeria deserves.


The youth in the diaspora movement is convinced that the Nigerian youths that have experienced the way of life in the diaspora are extremely valuable to the development of our great nation! With their knowledge, exposure, experience, and expertise they will be able to collaborate with youths living in Nigeria to ultimately build a future of a more secure Nigeria. We also believe that as the more privileged youths living in the diaspora, it is our duty and obligation to aid and give back to the less privileged youths in Nigeria.


Therefore, we are here to engage, encourage, empower, give back and galvanize Nigerian youths in the Diaspora in order to produce and develop great leaders who will lead us to see a better Nigeria!