Dear Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,

My name is Arthur Amadi and I'm a Nigerian youth living in the Diaspora. I want to begin by saying congratulations on your new position as a director on the Twitter board! It’s to no surprise that a phenomenal woman with your capacity and pedigree would go overlooked. The people at Twitter are lucky and blessed to have you! Just like you, I'm the eldest sibling. With that comes a lot of expectation and I have a lot on my shoulders to perform and execute in order to set a positive example for my younger siblings. I've lived in Canada and Nigeria for half of my life respectively. I was born in Nigeria and went to school there for the earlier years of my life but eventually, I moved to Canada. However, I came back to boarding school in Nigeria and studied at Atlantic Hall for 3 years. I’m currently building my media company here in Canada, which does branding and marketing for elite athletes and I’m also investing in the financial markets.


Earlier this year, I went to Nigeria briefly for my mom’s 50th birthday. Upon my return to Canada, I had really lost a lot of hope in Nigeria, the people in the positions of leadership and her future. Our self-proclaimed leaders are not true servant leaders. They are there to serve themselves and their pockets, not the people. Honestly, it's pathetic. However, the little hope I did have eventually paid off. I was watching Channels Television videos on YouTube and saw the Not Too Young To Run Bill was passed. After some research on the bill, I got excited because there was a movement of Nigerian youths coming together to go against the status quo. So as a patriotic citizen, I did what any patriotic youth would do and made the decision to be a part of the said positive change.


In June, I started a movement called "Youth in Diaspora." Initially, the goal was just to create a platform and spread awareness among Nigerian youths in diaspora so as to get involved with the future of Nigeria’s growth and development. However, over the past few months, the movement has expanded to include other objectives. One of them being, the Feed 1000 Initiative, our annual Christmas charity initiative to reach out to 1000 less privileged youths by donating grocery boxes as Christmas gifts to them. UNESCO defines a youth as an individual from 15-24, that is the age range we will be primarily targeting. Another one of our goals is to have a Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship Seminar as a preamble to our charity event. Part of the proceeds from this event will also go towards the charity and future events for the organization.


Over the years, you’ve made comments that really align with the mission and vision we have for our movement. In your 2016 TED Talk, the eight problems you highlighted directly affect Nigerian youths. We agree when you said young people need to be engaged, supported and actively involved in the rising Africa narrative, no one is going to fight corruption and change our situation, but us. It’s from this opinion that Youth in Diaspora and our Christmas initiative was born. People matter and we should care for them, because why not? We don't believe the narrative that even with our corrupt leaders we can't do anything. We also don't believe that it's God's will to be poor. Nigeria is a great nation and she could be doing a lot better. We believe that we have the potential to be the greatest nation in the world. However, we are not naïve as to what lies ahead of us. We know that there are going to be a lot of challenges within the next 5-10 years. One clear one being the fact that you spent years getting us out of debt but now we're back in it. Something Amina J Mohammed recently spoke about as well here. A challenge that's going to have to be tackled again. However, every great journey starts with a single step. Nothing is too small and this is how we're getting involved!


As Nigeria’s first female Minister of Finance and of Foreign Affairs, you're a blaze setter, an excellent example of inspirational leadership and a motherly figure for a lot of young Nigerian females! For these reasons, including your views on corruption, managing the economy and your views on aid, we believe that you will be a perfect fit for the aforementioned event. On our Instagram poll, 70% of voters voted for you to be a speaker over another female Global leader, Amina J Mohamed the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. I was able to get in contact with her through my friend Ibrahim who is her nephew. She has agreed to live stream if we have an event since she will be in New York in December. We really would love to have you with us in Nigeria though. I LOVE your energy on stage. If you could give us a date in December that works for you we will build the event around you. We have 2 dates that would be awesome if they work for you, December 21st or December 14th! If any of those dates don't work for you we can work with whatever date you give us. Thank you ma, we appreciate your support! Below I've included our Vision, Mission, Goal and Events. We're sure you'll like what you see and be interested in being included at the beginning of something great lead by youth, for Nigeria and her future! Thank You!



"Thousands of Nigerian youths in Diaspora have given up on Nigeria's socio-economic and political development. 

Help us galvanize them to get involved in the future of Nigeria's development."



1. To speak truth to power for the benefit of Nigerian youth who are leaders of today and tomorrow.


2. To talk the talk and provoke the thoughts through the application of constructive disobedience to bad leadership and governance in Nigeria. 


3. To produce God-fearing, patriotic and nationalistic young men and women for the Nigeria of tomorrow as envisaged by our founding fathers namely Chief Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa and Chief Obafemi Awolowo 


4. To consolidate the 5 pillars of NYID. 

-Professional and Leadership capacity development 

-Youth empowerment and inclusion in governance 

-Equity, Justice, and Unity

-Economic and Political development

-Undiluted patriotism with unity in diversity as our fulcrum


5. To ultimately empower the youths to achieve their maximum potential in order to positively influence the society at large while giving back to the less privileged youths.



To engage, empower and galvanize Nigerian youths who have experienced the way of life in the Diaspora. With an objective to identify, develop and produce great leaders who will lead us to see a better Nigeria! We are convinced that the Nigerian youths that have experienced the way of life in the Diaspora are extremely valuable to the development of our great nation! With their knowledge, exposure, experience, and expertise they will be able to collaborate with youths living in Nigeria to ultimately build a future of a more secure Nigeria.





With the help of fundraising and our board members, we plan to go around the G7 nations at schools and places of worship. These are places where a lot of Nigerians reside. Here we will host talks to encourage and foster conversation around our part to play in the future development of Nigeria. We also plan to create a platform where Nigerian youths in Diaspora can create a profile, network and communicate with one another while discussing solutions on how to move the country forward.


For the next seven years, we have a goal to go around the G7 nations. Speaking at schools and places of worship, talking the talk and provoking the thoughts of the Nigerian youths in the Diaspora in order to gather a following and supporters. We also intend to continue to do what we’ve done this year and reach 250,000 more youths in the diaspora to get them involved in the future and socio-economic and political development of Nigeria. We aim to acquire donations from these 250,000+ youth to put towards the sustainable developmental projects we will have in Nigeria such as borehole projects, electricity projects(renewable energy such as solar) and technology projects. The goal in the next seven years is to be able to have built our first Youth In Diaspora school in Nigeria. This will promote a positive environment for the Nigerian teachers in the diaspora that want to come back to Nigeria, bring back their skills and expertise they have acquired in the western world and will be able to teach at these schools.

By December 2025 this will be a reality! (Vision 2025)


With the power of social media and networking, we have a goal of 1,000,000 users by 2030 at the end of the 12 years. Though aid is good and charities are great, as we rise in membership we would love to start using the contributions from the youths in the diaspora to start building “Youth In Diaspora” schools and hospitals which will bring qualified teachers and health practitioners back into the country. It will also bring back those with culinary expertise to help with meals within the schools. Being able to provide jobs for youth from the diaspora and also better the health and education of the citizens of Nigeria.



We will be having our inaugural Christmas gifts from youths in Diaspora this year. This event involves donating 1000 food boxes, clothes and other donations to less fortunate families with youth all around Nigeria. We are currently fundraising for this on GoFundMe!


This year we are reaching out to industry giants just like yourself to speak and be a part of the inaugural youth in Diaspora Leadership and Entrepreneurship seminar!