The Origins: Inspiration And How It All Started

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

The story of the founder and the reason behind the movement. How the youth in diaspora movement started, what we plan on doing and where we're going!

From a young age, Arthur Amadi has always had two homes; Canada and Nigeria. His childhood and adolescence were spent traveling between the two countries, attending the best of schools and meeting people from different walks of life. Upon his teenage relocation to Canada, he could not help but notice the large disparity between his two homes; he could not fathom how Nigeria, a country with so much potential, could be so lacking in infrastructure, technology and economic strongholds, amongst other things. Intrigued, he decided to research on this phenomenon, the results of which infuriated him; those in power were not leaders, but rather people with their own interests at heart, at the expense of the vulnerable masses. Disillusioned, he decided to focus solely on his career pursuits and life in Canada, as his other home was inhabitable.

However, this phase was short lived. On a recent trip to Nigeria to celebrate his mother's birthday, Arthur found himself unable to ignore the suffering of his people. Upon his return, he decided to keep an eye on Nigeria, closely following the current affairs of the country. One day, by chance, he stumbled upon a video discussing the passing of the Not Too Young To Run bill. This discovery, supported by further research, brought Arthur to the realization that the youth were making moves to revolutionize the country. He decided to get involved and be apart of the revolution. Right then and there, 'YOUTH IN DIASPORA' was born!

Founded on the premise of creating tangible change in Nigeria, Youth in Diaspora follows in the footsteps of the various attempts made by Nigerian youth to revolutionize Nigeria as an entity. This movement was especially inspired by the passing of the Not Too Young To Run bill, a piece of legislation aiming to bridge the gap between the youth and presidency. Youth In Diaspora is a movement by the youth, with the youth and for the youth.

Written by Angel Okwosa

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